Importance of building a digital culture

Digital From The Inside Out

What’s different about Digital Organizations?

What do we mean by being Digital from the Inside Out? Well, we asked executives for their perceptions of their company’s digital journey both in how they do business externally as well as how they shape the employee experience internally.

What we found was a very close alignment between the two. We also found that those who are further along on their digital journey are ahead of the game in some very specific areas: They are stronger on change agility 75% globally, Automotive and Life sciences are 100%, but Consumer Goods is only 42%.

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What you do inside reflects your outside

External vs internal numbers are quite similar

How you shape the employee experience

How you do business externally

2022 35%

2023 46%

2022 29%

2023 46%


Not relevant for us


Not yet on jurney


On the jurney but long way to go


Great progress to transformation


Consider ourselves a digital organization


As we’ve just seen, organizations are at different stages in their digital journey. Typically they start with tools to support HR processes, followed by tools to enhance management efficiency and decision making, and lastly tools for individuals. In fact, this year the most popular areas of HR investment are learning and performance management.

Talent acquisition & rewards MGMT

Performance MGMT & sales MGMT

Human Capital Management system/HRIS

Total rewards/benefits portal & E-learning

Career MGMT & onboarding tools

Remote working and smart office

Analytics, continuous FDBK & productivity

Where companies are focusing on depends on industry, country, and maturity of business

Where C-suite intends to invest this year:

  • Analytics

  • Improve managers’ efficiency

  • Knowledge management

  • Increase HR efficiency

  • Improve salesforce

  • Collaboration

  • Remote working

Leading edge / on the horizon:

Personalized portal

Personalized portal 25%

mentorship tools

Mentorship tools 22%


Telemedicine 20%

digital outplacement

Digital outplacement 10%

Target picture


Effect on the workforce


Digital competence




Digital culture


Today the impact of technology on roles is being felt most at the top of the house. Almost six out of ten senior leaders report that their role and/or responsibilities have changed due to digital technologies as compared to only 2 in 10 individual contributors

Employees in individual contributor roles anticipate the least role disruption but express the greatest need for clarity regarding direction.

What can be done from a company perspective?

  • It is essential to envision the future. A target picture of a successfully transformed organization will help in winning people‘s heads and hearts.

  • The effects of digitalization on the workforce will have to be examined.

  • With that, it will be possible to derive the digital competencies that need to be developed

  • The key to digital transformation is shaping the way we work. How do we collaborate, learn, work needs to be elaborated

This – and an intense dialogue across all parts of the organization – will serve to foster a digital culture.

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    Be transparent around the company’s digital journey and benefit for employees

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    Equip managers to discuss future jobs, and the required mindsets and skillsets

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    Increase exposure to digital tools and competitor new entrants

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    Reward adoption / trying new things

Nearly six in ten senior leaders say their role has changed due to digital technologies compared to only 2 in 10 individual contributors