Engage employees with choice anytime, anywhere

Empower multigenerational workforce with personalized benefits that meet their diverse needs and align with your company strategy.




Because People Matter

Through the House of Benefits platform, employees can enjoy all their benefits – with choice - at the finger touch and connect to the latest reward system directly through any device, anytime, anywhere.

Our platform and app helps employers to reward, engage and get closer to their employees.

HoB App

The modernly designed interface provides a smart and simple solution for buying benefits. HoB empowers employees to take control of their benefits.

Intuitive processes, extensive self-service, and information woven throughout helps employees to make the right choices for them and their loved ones.

The modernly designed interface provides a smart and simple solution for buying benefits. HoB empowers employees to take control of their benefits.

House of Benefits in numbers

House of Benefits started in 2019 in Serbia with a goal to revolutionize the HR industry with a platform that would improve the lives of employees. Today, House of Benefits is an independent, flexible, and agile HR technology company, offering the market’s leading flexible benefits and total rewards platform.



Why to choose House of Benefits?

Our SaaS (software as a solution) platform is 100% independent and agnostic. Our marketleading benefits and total rewards are truly mobile. Combined with our dedicated employees in Product, Development and Support, our global but local approach means we have the ability and expertise to service each and every client.

Provide your employees with an engaging and accessible digital benefits experience – wherever they’re based.

Reinforce your employee value proposition at every step of the benefits journey. Personalized total reward content emphasizes the investment you make in each employee as an individual and showcases what it means to work for you, boosting employee satisfaction and increasing productivity.

Attract, reward and retain your employees. Motivate your talents. Connect with your employees. Be there for your people at the moments that matter. HoB makes it easy to send targeted and engaging communications to your employees.



A healthy employee experience now plays a central role in the survival of the company

HoB is just one way that leads to better employee experience and demonstrates new era of flexible, adaptable and agile benefits.

Stefan Vukajlovic, Group HR Director for C&B at Fortenova Group

bg ivnest

HoB is designed to be very simple and user friendly. My employees now can use their benefits in much better and efficient way.

Slobodan Vugdelić, CEO at Bg Invest


I’m very glad I discovered HoB application because organization of workforce has never been easier. Highly recommend!

Igor Isailović, CEO at Isailovic&Partners

How HoB works?

  • Software that works how you work. Modular, flexible and scalable.
  • Provide individual, secured accounts for your employees and their benefits – divided in 18 benefit categories.
  • HoB has been designed from the ground up to help organizations deliver globally with no compromise at the local level.
  • Choose from a range of complementary modules to build the perfect solution for you, your business and your people.
  • HoB comprises three centers, each targeted at a specific audience in your organization: employees, administrators, and decision makers: REWARDS, CONTROL & ANALYTICS centers.

Reward center

Reward center is where your employees access, enroll in, and manage their benefits. Its intuitive interface keeps engagement and satisfaction high.

Control center

Control center uses automation to free administrators from transactional tasks, improving efficiency and enabling them to deliver strategic value.

Analytics center

Analytics center gives decision makers usable, data-driven insight that enables them to harness the power of benefits to meet their people and organization goals.

Discover a better experience for your business. In 3 steps

The first step is simple - get in touch with us, sign a contract and send a list of employees who will use the platform.

Employees have access to a wide range of benefits, offers and discounts, within the budget allocated by the employer.

The employer therefore outsources a service that would have consumed the company's resources - time, human or financial.


Because People Matter

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Enjoy the Benefits on the go.

HoB App makes it easy for you to enjoy all your Benefits from the palm of your hand. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

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  • Power to the people

    HoB empowers employees to take control of their benefits and make right choices in the way they prefer.


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